What is Doodle Fondue?

A fondue full of doodles. She first created this site for weblog only, but has decided to also uses it for portfolio and is planning to open her own webshop on this page. Currently, her webshop is hosted on her Etsy

The girl behind the clouds

Doodle Fondue is owned and maintained by Vanessa Gerard, an Illustrator based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She was born in South Jakarta, Indonesia and has been living here since 1999. She speaks Indonesian, Dutch and English and is married to her iPad Pro 😉

She likes to draw, write and read and is fan of Mary Blair, Fiep Westendorp (Jip en Janneke), and Aaron Blaise. She also plays violin, although she’s not an active member of an orchestra anymore. She’s attached to her 11″ iPad Pro 3rd gen and can be seen drawing at IKEA, Starbucks, or just another cafe’s and restaurants. She draws everywhere, also when she’s travelling. 

She’s a resident in a 3D virtual world called Second Life since 2007 and is there to create 3D content. She works in Maya 3D. 

She’s studied DTP-er, Graphic Design and Web Design at Art and Design College in Utrecht. Although she knows CSS and HTML, she has decided to focus more in illustrating and graphic design. 

All her works are done digitally using Procreate on the iPad Pro, or Photoshop on her Mac. For vector works she usually uses Affinity Designer. 

My Skill
Procreate 92%
Affinity Designer 90%
Adobe Illustrator 89%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Affinity Photo 76%
Autodesk Maya LT 50%

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